• Embracing Change Through Education

    With regulatory changes, rising interest rates and discussions around active and passive investing, education is of the utmost importance for successful investment strategies. View our Learn section for updated information on how these changes impact investing.

  • Raise Your Financial IQ in 2017
    Rather than make resolutions you may not keep, take steps to raise your financial IQ with these ten tips from Charles Schwab. 
  • Active/Passive: Knowledge is Power
    Distinctions between active and passive investing appear at the core of the research process. Delaware Investments shares insight on how active management may provide a valuable service for investors seeking a research-based approach to controlling risk.
  • Which IRA is right for you?
    Fidelity's Traditional vs. Roth Evaluator will help you determine which IRA will best help you meet your retirement goals. 
  • Dividend Growth for the Long Term
    The natural inclination is to look for dividend payers with high dividend yields; however, dividend growth is a key metric to examine as well - especially as it relates to performance.
  • Rising Rates and the Bond Market
    Legg Mason takes a look at history as it relates to past interest rate tightening cycles.
  • Process Over Politics

    Process Over Politics (11/3/2016)

    In this article, we discuss why we believe market uncertainty—electoral or otherwise—is best addressed in the context of an investment process that is objective, systematic, and disciplined.
  • Fixed Income Markets and the US Election: What Really Matters
    Franklin Templeton Fixed Income Group’s Chris Molumphy says despite the media frenzy surrounding the US presidential election, the implications for fixed income investors may be much more muted. 
  • Dividend Growth for the Long Term
    The natural inclination is to look for dividend payers with high dividend yields; however, dividend growth is a key metric to examine as well - especially as it relates to performance. 
  • U.S. Election: All bark, no bite for markets
    Recent U.S. presidential elections have had minimal market impacts, and the 2016 race, though unusual in many respects, has thus far been no exception.
  • Are We Headed Back to the Future?
    It seems like everyone has been saying we’re going to have a correction, or a bear market, or worse a recession. What do you know? The polar opposite has happened. Thus far the market is hitting new highs.
  • Ariel Portfolio Managers on: Risk
    Portfolio manager perspectives: with Charlie Bobrinskoy, Rupal Bhansali, Tim Fidler & David Maley
  • Perspectives SHARE  Focus on themes (not geography) in emerging markets
    For investors struggling to find growth opportunities in a low growth world, Colin Moore offers two insights. Don’t write off Brazil, and don’t treat emerging markets as a homogeneous asset class.
  • Market Perspective: Is the Recent Rally for Real?
    Stocks have moved higher over the past month, with this rally marked by better participation and breadth, but it has stalled recently.  We believe the bull market will continue, but that risks remain and bumps are inevitable.
  • Realities In Retirement
    Women face a unique set of challenges to consider when saving for retirement. Their goals, which often include retiring comfortably, maintaining their current lifestyle and being able to cover health care costs for themselves and their family, are not always easily attained.
  • Volatility: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
    Market selloffs in the summer of 2015, in early 2016 and again in June 2016 were rude reminders that stock market volatility can emerge quickly and unexpectedly.
  • Mid-Year Economic and Investment Outlook
    Is slower growth the new normal?
  • Bonds Look Globally, Stocks Stay Local
    The bond market's ever-lower yields are a vote of little to no confidence for global growth yet U.S. stocks remain strong in the belief that our economy is sound. We make the case for stocks getting it right.

  • Markets await political change
    The uncertainty around presidential elections generally does not influence financial markets, but market and economic conditions can foretell election outcomes
  • Emerging Markets: A Look Back at Lessons Learned
    Emerging markets have come a long way since the 1990s - when shocks could potentially trigger a systemic crisis. Dr. Michael Hasenstab discusses what’s different now.