Where to Purchase Mutual Funds

Once you determine the type of investor you are and how much you are willing to spend in either time or money to build your investment portfolio, you can decide the best approach for you…and the best way to make your investment purchases.

From a Fund Company

You can purchase mutual funds directly from a mutual fund company, often with low or no sales charges. Fund companies offer a variety of funds to choose from and many convenient services that allow for online transactions, account services, and options for guidance and assistance in building your portfolio.

Fund Companies


You can purchase mutual funds online through one of several mutual fund online companies, sometimes called “fund supermarkets” or discount brokerage firms. These companies offer mutual funds and investment products of many different fund companies, offering consolidated accounts and purchases often at lower commission fees, no transaction fees, plus tools and resources available in easy to use sites.

Online Brokerage Firms and Mutual Fund Supermarkets

From a Financial Advisor

You can purchase mutual funds and other investments from a financial advisor or financial planner who is registered to sell securities. While there are fees associated with the services of professional advisors, the benefit of comprehensive goal analysis, investment planning and selection, and related support is well worth the price for many investors.

Certified Financial Planners and Investment Advisors

Through A Retirement Plan

One of the easiest ways to invest in mutual funds is through the retirement plan where you work. If your company offers such a plan, you will be presented with investment options to help you reach your goals, usually many different types of mutual funds are offered.

Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans