There are hundreds of asset managers in the investment industry that have the goal of helping investors succeed in reaching their goals. The MFEA is a community comprised of leading investment management firms. These leaders keep pace with the diverse demands of serving investors and advisors through numerous channels of their business.

There are a variety of perspectives and educational resources included below.

Active and Passive

Using Active, Passive & Smart Beta

Investors may be missing out on the strengths offered by both active and passive management, as well as the unique hybrid features of smart beta.

What is Strategic Beta?

Leveraging goals of both active and passive management, strategic beta may be an attractive alternative for investors seeking inexpensive, diversified equity exposure with market-beating potential.

Comparing Active and Passive ETFs

Did you know there are active and passive ETF’s? Natixis provides a helpful summary.

Investing Outlooks

Understand the Basics of Market Cycles

How investor behavior can affect contribute to market ups and downs. 

Investment Steps to Consider for Market Volatility

Legg Mason shares how diversification through a variety of strategies can potentially stabilize your portfolios.

Spring Clean Your Finances and Portfolio

Removing the cobwebs from your financial habits has benefits, one of which may be to help set you on course for the future you want.


Roth IRA vs. Traditional IRA

Which IRA is a better match for you?

What is a Traditional IRA?

An explanation on the basics of a traditional IRA.

Choosing an IRA That's Right For You

Depending on which type of IRA you choose, Janus Henderson discusses additional opportunities for tax-deferred or tax-free earnings on your contributions.

Income and Retirement

Three Strategies to Generate Wealth

Learn how wealth differs from income, and how you can grow your wealth to enable a more comfortable lifestyle.

The Retirement Landscape for Millennials

Many millennials investors have witnessed changes to traditional retirement vehicles and are seeking out alternative strategies that better reflect their personal values. Hear what’s trending in millennial retirement dynamics.

Retirement Savings Calculator

Use this free calculator to see how your retirement savings are stacking up.


Tax Reform & the Muni Market

How might the new tax law affect supply and demand in the market?

10 Facts About the New Tax Law

Every investor needs to know about the changes in the new tax law. Here are the highlights

How the New Tax Law Affects Roth IRAs

Find out what will remain the same and change for Roth IRAs.


A Basic Review of ETFs

Fidelity shares the basics—including the benefits and risks—of exchange traded funds.

Questions to Ask when Considering a Financial Advisor

If you're thinking about talking to a financial advisor, consider asking these key questions.

What to Know when Investing in Private Equity

Investing in the equity of private U.S. middle market companies may provide an alternative source of income, growth and diversification.